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Kaizen Law Solicitors is a forward- thinking law firm situated in the heart of Bolton and established in 2016, specialising within the Credit Hire, Civil/Commercial and Personal Injury sector. They have adapted their services to suit their client’s needs with innovative technological tools. They apply their expertise to all areas of the firm, which translates to efficiencies for each of their clients.

The Brief

Good quality communication infrastructure is key to Kaizen Law’s business in providing the high level of customer service that their clients demand. Having high quality and reliable communications also enable Kaizen Law to work seamlessly with external suppliers, who they are constantly in contact with every day by phone, internet, email and fax. So, a guaranteed, reliable and well supported communication infrastructure is pivotal to their business as downtime is not an option.

“We chose to work with Metrotech as we needed a reliable internet service provider with a proven track record of reliable service and a high level of customer support history, as downtime to our business is just not acceptable. We also needed someone who could provide a more personal support service if anything was to go wrong and that is where Metrotech excel.”

Nish Patel,
Head of Technology and Development

Get Online Quickly

Metrotech specialise in providing businesses with the ‘Always Connected’ service, in both Connectivity and Telephony.

Should Kaizen Law’s IT infrastructure fail they would not be able to provide the high level of service to clients calling in. With heavy reliance on their internet connection, for sending vital documents out to clients and 3rd parties. Providing quick turnarounds essential to their business, rather than via the traditional postal methods.

Kaizen Law have expanded rapidly due to their successful and innovative approach to case management. Their connectivity requirements and phone system has therefore needed to grow, Metrotech seamlessly provided this service. Nish Patel, Kaizen Law’s Head of Technology and Development commented on their experiences

“Support services from Metrotech are fantastic when we need them, which to be honest is very little. Most of the support we require is based around the hosted VoIP system, ordering new licenses and configuration of new phones and swapping around phones from old users to new users etc. Most requests are completed within the hour with very little effort on our part.”

Nish Patel,
Head of Technology and Development

Always Connected

Utilising a Metrotech ‘Connected’ Wireless Final Mile Leased Line, Kaizen Law have been able to scale up from the original Symmetrical 20Mbps service to 30Mbps and now on to 100Mbps.

The Wireless Leased line, not reliant on bearers, can continue to grow with the needs of Kaizen Law without delay.

Metrotech’s IP-Talk Hosted Telephony is another core part of their infrastructure, providing Kaizen Law with a reliable, cost effective and extremely flexible service. Also, giving all the features they need to handle the high volume of clients in an effective and timely manner. With Metrotech’s IP-Talk Hosted system, the support service gives the customer what they need when they need it.

“Overall Metrotech have been a key partner in getting Kaizen Law to the point we are at today, without the flexibility of Metrotech we would not have been able to rapidly expand our teams the way we have and still maintain a solid level of service throughout the business. In my option Metrotech are the perfect partner for any forward-thinking business that are especially looking to grow and require a flexible and well supported communications infrastructure.”

Nish Patel,
Head of Technology and Development

Ready to provide top service

Regular additions in new users on the IP-Talk Hosted Phone System is quick and easy, allowing departments to grow exactly when needed. With hunt- groups, call queueing, hot-desking, day to day moving around of personal, and much more. All this from Metrotech’s IP-Talk Hosted, coupled with the Connected Wireless Leased Line, gives Kaizen Law the solid platform for continued success.

“Metrotech have been able to provide all services we have asked for, they are very knowledgeable in their field and always have the perfect solutions to our problems.”

Nish Patel,
Head of Technology and Development

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