Sip Trunks

Enjoy vastly reduced call costs across UK and international calls rates.

Future proof your communications.

Save your business £1000s each year with up to 60% savings on ISDN line costs by moving your lines to Metrotech’s IP-Talk Sip Trunks.

IP-Talk SIP Trunks

With the end of ISDN coming soon, now is the time to act.

Future proof your business telephony and move from ISDN connections to Metrotech’s SIP Trunk services. Benefit from increased flexibility and take advantage of vastly reduced call costs across UK and international calls rates.

Metrotech’s VoIP services offers savings of at least 60% over traditional ISDN phone lines, meaning customers see an immediate reduction in outgoing charges. For multi-site organisations, all VoIP enabled phone units can be incorporated into the same Wide Area Network (WAN) resulting in no charge for calls between sites within the business.

What are SIP Trunks?

Utilised enhanced reliability for communications.

(SIP) “Session Initial Protocol” Trunk connects an organisation’s telephone system to the traditional public telephone network via a selection of access internet services such as (FTTC, GEA, EFM, Fibre or Wireless leased Lines). SIP trunking enables businesses to consolidate voice, video and data communications into a single connection, negating the need for individual phone lines dedicated for each data type, reducing overall cost and ensuring enhanced reliability for communications.

All of our Sip Trunks Solutions include

Flexible call routing

Free inter-office calls.

Savings of at least 50%compared to individual traditional ISDN phone lines

No need to replace existing phone systems

No installation or activation charges.

Quality of Service (QoS)Ensures the highest quality calls.

Faster and Cheaper Video ConferencingImplemented through existing SIP trunks

Metrotech’s industry-leading network management facilities

Maximum System Availability.Through optional separation of calls as ISDN or SIP for resilience

So make a real difference to your business productivity and call one of Metrotech’s knowledgeable customers relationship managers today to discuss your businesses communication needs.

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