Generic Ethernet Access that utilises existing Broadband and Ethernet networks.

Our most cost effective connectivity solution.

Why pay more for un-contended, guaranteed connectivity? Metrotech’s GEAConnected gives your business a symmetrical dedicated 20Mb managed internet connection starting from £175.00 per month.

What is GeaConnect?

GEA is a quick to install, uncontended service which will allow the move towards IP Voice and other Cloud services your business may be ready for.

GEA is a service that utilises existing Broadband and Ethernet networks to provide a connectivity solution that is both cost-effective and backed up with firm service guarantees. Our managed services team are experts in assessing your current business infrastructure and enhancing it, to give you a future proof IP network fit for purpose.

How does it work?

Similar to an FTTC connection, GEA is delivered over the copper wires already there between your premises and the street cabinet.
Fibre then continues the rest of the distance to the exchange. After that, traffic is carried by Ethernet, which means the connection is dedicated to your company and un-contended. Speeds of up to 20Mbps are available, both on download and upload. The service also has a SLA guarantee of back to normal service within 7 working hours, in the rare event of a circuit failure. Extra backup connectivity is also available for complete peace of mind.
Companies can choose an extra ADSL backup connection for disaster recovery.

All of our GeaConnected Solutions include

Un-Contended & Symmetrical Service

Speeds of up to 20Mb

Delivery time of 15-20 working days

Highly Compatible implement into existing WAN, Cloud or MPLS

No Call centre operation - speak direct with a technical engineer 24/7

QoS available - giving traffic such as VoIP priority.

Low monthly rental costs

So make a real difference to your business productivity and call one of Metrotech’s knowledgeable managed services consultants today to discuss your businesses communication needs.

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  • 10Mb – 1Gb
  • Independent Network
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 15 - 20 Days Install
  • 4hrs Fix SLA


  • 10Mb – 10Gb
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 45 - 65 Days Install
  • 5hrs Fix SLA


  • 10Mb – 20Mb
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 15 - 20 Days Install
  • 7hrs Fix SLA


  • 2Mb – 14Mb
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 25 - 35 Days Install
  • 7hrs Fix SLA