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The Pallet Network are an Award winning business at the top of their field in terms of performance, depots and pallet volumes. All because TPN do not accept anything but fantastic service with excellent customer care at the heart of our business model.

Customers looking for utterly reliable pallet distribution in the UK, Ireland or Europe, head to TPN. A network which has a zero-tolerance policy to loss or damage – with TPN you are in safe hands.

The Brief

When Metrotech first engaged with TPN, they already had in place and operated at a high service level due to their need for high level network availability. However, their IT Director, who has been with the company for 9 years, wanted a change.

“With our previous provider we were past from pillar to post when we had issues which made any problems difficult to resolve, this was further compounded by the fact this service was more expensive than other competitors. We were looking for something different and Metrotech offered us a truly diverse solution that no one else could along with a competitive price.”

Metrotech therefore proposed a more diversity and resilience solution, with strict SLA, named account manager and escalation point, what’s more TPN benefited from reduced monthly costs.

Not only does Metrotech’s wireless final mile leased line provide a like for like service to fibre, but with no shared 3rd party network infrastructure it is one of the only truly diverse options in the UK. Deploying a replacement fibre connected service as a primary with a mirrored wireless connected service.

“IT is the heart and lungs of the business, this due to the importance of the IT and communication systems in our overall success as business. Our business operates two basic models, the physical and the digital. Although on paper we are very much a logistics company we are heavily reliant on IT systems to manage and control how the freight is moved around the country.”

TPN’s IT Director

Service delivery and ongoing support

Metrotech’s provisioning team pride themselves on efficiency and good communication.

Knowing that the first experience customers have of Metrotech is often during the provisioning journey of the new service order. Providing all the details customers need during planning, with clear access and install dates vital to a smooth process.

As the customer expected, Metrotech delivered the new fibre and wireless services on time for their own testing and migration. When asked, what was the experience of delivery like? TPN’s IT Director was able to answer “Excellent. Very timely and well communicated with access to the right people should be have any questions or queries.”

Metrotech provides customers excellent support levels matched with strict SLAs. Every query, change request or issue dealt with in a professional and timely manner. TPN continue to enjoy this high level of support, with a close working relationship formed.

“Metrotech are always quick to respond to any change requests, queries or general issues. We have established good relationships with the service and sales teams, they have become more of an extension of our internal team rather than a 3rd party supplier.”

TPN's IT Director

Customer experience –
TPN’s IT Directors own words.

How flexible are Metrotech to your business needs?

“Metrotech always do their best to meet our ongoing requirements and last minute business opportunities. They also provide great advice on the appropriate solutions and technologies.”

Future Plans?

“We will be looking to move a new bigger HQ site over the next 12 months and will look to lean to Metrotech to provide the next gen solutions required to enable us to provide the business the best in class solutions.”

Overall Experience

“We have been working with Metrotech for over 5 years now and we have had a very positive experience, they work on a ‘get it resolved first’ basis rather than our previous experience of finger points and non-action. They are happy to jump into technical questions and what-ifs, even help to resolve fringe issues to help us find a solution in a timely fashion. The pricing has remained very competitive over our contracted periods and always seem to provide extra value. A pleasure to do business with.”

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