How To Auto Provision a Yealink: A Complete Guide

Provisioning simply means configuring and registering a device over a network. In this article, we will briefly discuss the general auto-provision method for connecting your Yearlink phone to the 3cx hosted PBX and give a bit of weight to the auto-provision method within 3CX.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note down your phone’s MAC address. The MAC address is a 12-digit number located on the barcode at the back of your phone.

Seen it? Let’s begin with the Plug-and-Play method.

Provisioning Through Plug-and-Play

Obtain Your Phone’s IP Address

The first step to auto-provisioning is to obtain your phone’s IP address. This will help you to access the phone’s web interface. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet, else it will return a null IP address.

To retrieve your phone’s IP address, simply press the ‘OK’ button on your phone. If your phone is properly connected to the internet, it should bring up a text on the screen similar to this ‘’IP:”.

Do a Factory Reset

The second step is to perform a factory reset. Simply press and hold the ‘OK’ button for 6 seconds. Your phone will prompt you to reset your phone to factory settings. Select the option and click ‘OK’ to initiate the reset process.

Open CX Web Management Console

With your phone plugged into a network, open the CX Web Management Console. You should be able to see your new phone with its information displayed in bold, meaning it hasn’t been provisioned yet. This is visible on the left navigation pane under the ‘Phones’ tab. Check that the MAC address and IP Address matches that on your phone.

After you have verified this information, still under the phones tab, you can either choose to ‘add extension’ or ‘assign extension’.

Use the assign function if you already created an extension, otherwise create a new extension. Once this process is over, the phone will start the provisioning process. Essentially, it will download the configuration file and reboot once the process is complete.

Congratulations! You have successfully provisioned your Yealink device.

Auto-Provisioning with 3CX

Reset Your Phone to Factory Settings

This process is pretty similar to what we just described above. Unless your phone is new, you will need to reset it to factory settings.

To get started, you need to access your phone’s web interface by inputting your phone’s IP address in your browser. To identify this address, on your phone click on the menu button then select status. This will display your phone’s IP address, MAC address, and Firmware version. You should write this somewhere as you will need it along the way.

Once you are on your phone’s web interface page, login into the system using your credentials. The default username and password is ‘admin’ without quotation marks.

After you’ve logged in, find the settings tab on the top bar and click on it. On the left navigation pane, click on the upgrade button followed by the ‘reset to factory.’ This may take a few minutes to complete.

Create an Extension

Before starting this process, you need to create an extension within the 3CX Web Management Console. To get started, set up an account on 3CX if you don’t have one, otherwise, login to 3CX Web Management Console and click on ‘extensions’. This is located to the left of the screen. Select ‘add the extension’ then fill out the required details and apply settings once done.


Here, you will use the phone’s web interface which allows you to input the server URL that contains your phone’s configuration file. Navigate to the provisioning tab on the phone’s web interface by opening the settings tab.

Fill in the phone’s MAC address and select the phone’s model. This will generate and store a configuration file in the provisioning web server.

Locate the URL needed to provision your phone by opening the 3CX web management console and navigating to the system status tab. The URL link is under the line ‘Configure and Deploy IP Phones Using the Provisioning Link’. Be sure to copy it.

Now go back to your phone’s web management interface and navigate to the Auto-provision tab by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Auto-provision.’ Make sure the PNP and DHCP options are ON, then paste the URL you had copied earlier into the ‘server URL’ slot.

Finally, click on auto-provision. If you have done everything correctly, your phone should reboot after a few minutes.

To confirm if your phone is provisioned, go back to 3CX Web Management Console and check under the extensions tab, the indicator light should be green.