Wireless Connected Internet Manchester

Our premier connected solution for Leased Line Internet in Manchester.

Why Choose Wireless Leased Lines in Manchester?

Bandwidth options from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps, Fastest deployment (15 day installations), complete independence from 3rd party infrastructure, Fixed Installation costs and industry leading SLA!

What is WirelessConnect?

Fastest Install Lead Times with Fixed Costs.

Our wireless connections in Manchester are serviced by high-rise Point of Presence (PoP) sites that ensure maximum coverage for the urban areas in which our network operates. Connectivity is reliant upon line of sight from your building to one of our PoPs.
We can install the connection in as little as 15 days following successful line of sight survey. Our expert operations team will arrange for the installation to be carried out. A small radio dish will be installed on the exterior of the building; the location will be agreed with the building owner or landlord in advance. From here, feeder cables are run to the Server room, or chosen location. Finally, it is presented using an Ethernet RJ45 interface.

Independence with 99.95% uptime & Guaranteed 4-hour fix time

Metrotech delivers the service to your premises across network infrastructure that is not dependant of third-party exchanges. As a result, we consistently deliver against our 99.95% network availability and 4-hour fix Service Level Agreements.

Fast Connection

We control the installation from start to finish to get you installed within 20 days of receiving customer or landlord approval, as opposed to the industry standard of 60-90 days.

Simple Install, Fixed fee

With our WirelessConnected service, no ground works are required, you are protected from large excess constructions charges. Wireless leased line install fees are also fixed.

Site Re-Location Flexibility

WirelessConnected can quickly move with your business needs, easily movable to a new location with a one-off charge. All whilst maintaining Connectivity.


Unrivalled scalability

Our wireless customer bandwidth can be upgraded remotely and unlike fibre are not restricted by bearers. Because of this, services can grow quickly with customer requirements. In fact, bandwidth increases can be actioned within 24hrs in many cases. Fibre leased lines on 100Mbps bearers can quickly reach their maximum capacity as business data needs grow, wireless breaks through that ceiling giving customers unrivalled scalability.

All of our WirelessConnected Solutions include

100% independence from third-party exchanges

Delivery time of 20 working days

99.95% Guaranteed Uptime SLA

Unrivalled scalability

Bandwidths ranging from 10Mb to 10Gb

Un-contended Symmetrical bandwidth

Small fixed installation fee - not at risk of returning hidden excess construction charges

Site re-location flexibility

Guaranteed 4-hour fix time

So make a real difference to your business productivity and call one of Metrotech’s knowledgeable customers relationship managers today to discuss your businesses communication needs.

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Find out more about our other types of connectivity.


  • 10Mb – 1Gb
  • Independent Network
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 15 - 20 Days Install
  • 4hrs Fix SLA


  • 10Mb – 10Gb
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 45 - 65 Days Install
  • 5hrs Fix SLA


  • 10Mb – 20Mb
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 15 - 20 Days Install
  • 7hrs Fix SLA


  • 2Mb – 14Mb
  • Uncontended Service
  • Symmetrical Service
  • 25 - 35 Days Install
  • 7hrs Fix SLA