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Is My Phone System SIP Enabled?

Let’s face it; the success of your business relies heavily on the quality of communication. Effective communication can help build better relationships between you and your employees, customers, prospects, vendors, partners and co-workers. The result is improved employees’ morale, fewer errors and more innovations that help take you closer to your goals. One of the […]

What’s The Difference Between VoIP and Hosted VoIP?

Choosing a new phone system that suits your business may sound like an easy task, but this is not always the case. With tens of services and companies to choose from today, finding one that gets it right can be confusing. One of the recent phone systems whose popularity is sweeping across the UK right […]

How Does a Hosted Phone System Work?

As the technology advances, more and more businesses are opting to move most of their processes and applications to the cloud in place of making in-premise investments. Telephony is one such area that is seeing a lot of developments lately.  Hosted telephony, popularly known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly gaining popularity among […]

VoiP Call Recording: A Complete Guide For UK Businesses

VoIP call recording is considered fundamental by many businesses that depend on it particularly for compliance purposes. Apart from preventing legal inconveniences, the process also offers a host of other advantages. In this quick guide to VoIP recording, we explain what it is and why it’s crucial to record business calls. We will also show […]

How To Auto Provision a Yealink: A Complete Guide

Provisioning simply means configuring and registering a device over a network. In this article, we will briefly discuss the general auto-provision method for connecting your Yearlink phone to the 3cx hosted PBX and give a bit of weight to the auto-provision method within 3CX. Before we proceed, it’s important to note down your phone’s MAC […]