Metrotech Look To Support Wigan’s push to become The Next “Super Connected” Urban Conurbation.

Wigan Council has recently announced its digital strategy that aims to ensure that Greater Manchester is a true digital borough, empowering people and communities through digital services. Metrotech is pleased to support this strategy by expanding its superfast wireless coverage connecting the town of Wigan.

The connectivity rollout means that businesses in the Wigan area can now benefit from Metrotech’s trusted service. Using a unique combination of wired and wireless technology, Metrotech connects customers at speeds of 2Mbps to 10Gbps. By using a mix of fibre and high capacity wireless technology. Lead times are significantly reduced and businesses that have traditionally struggled with poor copper services such as ADSL, SDSL and EFM or costly leased line installation charges finally have an alternative.
This recent rollout means that Metrotech now has even stronger wireless coverage across Greater Manchester and we look forward to helping more businesses in the Wigan area embrace the region’s Digital Strategy.